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Annual Forum Presentations 2020

Young surgeon session

Incidental Durotomy Following Surgery for Degenerative Lumbar Disease: Impact of the MIS Technique on the Rate and Need for Surgical Revision

Coleman Garrett, MS

Single Position Prone Lateral: Cadaveric Feasibility and Early Clinical Experience

Jakub Godzik, MD

Assessing Vertebral Body Rotation in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Patrik Suwak, MD

Best Young Surgeon Papers Q&A

Coleman Garrett, MS

The Race from Fixation to Fusion: Why Implant and Bone Graft Selection Matters

Ronald Lehman, Jr., MD

How to Become a Master MIS Surgeon

Michael Wang, MD, FACS

Dural Tears in Tubular Surgery

Abhishek Kumar, MD

MISS vs Gravity: When to go to the Pelvis? Impact of Bone Quality? Optimal Cage Hight and Lordosis?

Peter Derman, MD, MBA

Miss for the lumbar spine

The Challenges We Face with Lumbar Spine MIS Surgery

Juan Uribe, MD

Progression from Open to Less-Invasive Tehniques to Achieve Lumbar Lordosis

Gregory Mundis, Jr., MD

Discussion: If These Cases Are so Easy, Why Can't We Agree on What to Do?

Frank Philips, MD

Case Discussion: Spondylolisthesis Treatment Options. Open, MIS, TLIF or Robotic?

Frank Philips, MD

Case Discussion: ASC Single Position XLIF. How Do You Put Your Screws in? Tretment Options for Lumbar Stenosis

Frank Philips, MD

Case Discussion: 67M Worsening Low Back Pain, Forward Leaning Posture

Frank Philips, MD

Miss for trauma

The Challenges Faced with MISS for Trauma

John O'Toole, MD, MS

Discussion: MISS for Trauma

John O'Toole, MD, MS

Case Review: Open Technique for Multi-Level Trauma. Lateral Approach for TL Burst Fractures

John O'Toole, MD, MS


My Transition to Endoscopic Spine Surgery: From Idea to My First Case

Jeff Golan, MD, FRCS©

Endoscopic Techniques and Outcomes: Anatomic Rationale for Fusion

Albert Telfeian, MD, PhD

Ideal Cases for Beginner Endoscopic Spine Surgeons

Jian Shen, MD, PhD

Discussion: What Were the Barriers to Endoscopy Becoming a More Mainstream Technique?

Isaac Moss, MDCM, MASc, FRCSC

Anesthesia / Analgesia for Awake Endoscopic Surgery: Why Is There Resistance to It? What Are the Advantages?

Michael Wang, MD, FACS

Best papers

Spinal Alignment Comparison for Lateral Versus Supine L5-S1 ALIF in the Treatment of Patients with Degenerative Conditions of the Lumbar Spine

Kaveh Khajavi, MD

Awake Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy in an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Results After 100 Patients

Nathaniel Alexander, MD

Validation of PROMIS Physical Function in MIS TLIF: 2 Year Follow Up

Kern Singh, MD

Initial Multi-center Clinical Experience of Lateral Interbody Fusion (LIF) Using Prone Transpsoas (PTP) Access: Feasibility and Perioperative Outcomes

Benjamin Ditty, MD

ASC: Economics of Spine Surgery

Neil Badlani, MD, MBA

Bone Graft Substitutes in Spine Fusion - Stem Cells, Ceramics, Peptides: What Is the Current Evidence?

Brandon Hirsch, MD

Prevalence and Modes of Hardware Failure with Circumferential Minimally Invasive Surgical (CMIS) Correction of Adult Spinal Deformity (ASD): a 13 Year Experience

Neel Anand, MD

Robotics, navigation, ar & ai

Understanding the “Gibberish” of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Jun Kim, MD

Predictive Analytics for Spinal Deformity: Who Should Really Get a Major TL Reconstruction / Who May Most Benefit from the Advantages of MIS Surgery

Christopher Ames, MD

Capital Investment in New Technology – When Is it Worth it?

Jeffrey Gum, MD

Augmented Reality: How Exactly Does it Work and How to Incorporate into our Operative Rooms

Daniel Sciubba, MD

Robotic Preoperative Planning as a Predictor of Final Outcomes: the Power of Planning Tools

Gregoy Poulter, MD

Free papers

Single Position Circumferential Fusion with Lateral Anterior Lumber Interboday Improves Perioperative Outcomes and reduces rate of IIeus compared to traditional Anterior-Posterior Fusion

Kimberly Ashayeri MD, Carlos Leon BS, Seth Tigchelaar BA, Parastou Fatemi MD, Matt Follett MD, Ivan Cheng MD, J.Alex Thomas MD, Brett Braly MD, Brian Kwon MD, Leon Eisen MD, Themistocles S Protopsaltis MD, Aaron J. Buckland MBBS, FRACS

The Psychological burden of disease among patients undergoing Cervical Spine Surgery: Are we understanding our patients' inherent disability?

Peter Passias MD, Sara Naessig BS, Lara Passfall BS, Waleed Ahmad MS, Katherine Pierce BS, Oscar Krol BA, Nicholas Kummer BS, Brooke O'Connel MS, Constance Maglaras Phd

A Cadaveric Precision and accuracy analysis of Augmented Reality Mediated Percutaneous Pedicle implant insertion

Camilo A. Molina MD

Computer-Assisted navigation is associated with decreased rates of Hardware-Related revision after Instrumented Posterior Lumbar Fusion

Patawut Bovonratwet, Alex Gu, Aaron Z.Chen, Andre M. Samuel, Catherine H. Gang, Sheeraz A.Qureshi

Does Cage Angle affect Lumbar Lordosis and Segmental Alignment after Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion?

Austin Nguyen B.S, Sapan Gandhi M.D, Krishn Khanna M.D, Jackson Harvey B.S, Evan Sheha M.D, Michael Nolte M.D, Bryce Basques M.D, Frank Phillips M.D.

Preliminary Results of the Prone Transpsoas Technique (PTP) - Multicenter Experience

Luis Pimenta, MD, PhD

A comparison of complications, clincal and radiologic outcomes between the mini-open prepsoas and mini-open transpsoas approach for lumbar interbosy fusion - meta-anamalysis

Alex Spiessberger, MD, Varun Arvind, MD, Nicholas Dietz, MD, Basil Gruter, MD, Florian Huber, MD, Roman Guggenberger, MD, Bernard Morrigl, Vikas Varma, MD, Smauel Cho, MD

Comparison of foraminal indirect decompression outcomes in degenerative spondylolisthesis and other degenerative lumar disease after minimally invasive extreme lateral interbody fusion

Carlos De La Torre Khai S. Lam

Does adding bone mineral density to GAP score help predict mechanical failure in adult spinal deformity surgery?

Hoel Ryan MD, Eastlack , Robert MD, Jelousi, Michael BS, Iannacone, Tina MPH, Spierling Samantha PhD, Mundis, Gregory MD

Development of an anatomically representative test block model for clinically relevant evaluation of cage subsidence performance: the role of cage width and placement

Guy Fogel, MD FAAOS,

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