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Annual Forum Presentations 2021

MIS Lateral Deformity Correction

Posterior is the best answer

K. Foley, MD

Lateral just makes sense

L. Pimenta, MD

Navigation, Robotics, and Lateral - Safer and better for the patient

R. Lehman Jr., MD

Navigation, Robotics, and Lateral - Time-consuming and not necessary

F. Phillips, MD

Single Position Surgery - Lateral works, why risk it?

A. Kanter, MD

Single Position Surgery - Try it you'll like it

W. Taylor, MD

Lordosis and LLIF - ACR is safe, effective, and provides reliable lordosis

R. Eastlack, MD

Lordosis and LLIF - Alternative MIS procedures achieve lordosis

V. Deviren, MD

Single Position Surgery

Thoracic lateral SPS: What you need to know. What’s next?

J. Uribe, MD

Deformity and SPS: What you need to know. What’s next?

G. Mundis, Jr., MD

Neuromonitoring and SPS: Is SSEP the new standard?

T. Smith, MD

Minimally Invasive Management of the Complex Spine Patient

Introduction to the Problem - Case presentation: L5-S1 spondylolisthesis-clinical history & radiographic studies

L. Tumialán, MD

The unique biomechanics of spondylolisthesis at the lumbosacral junction

P. Derman, MD

Rapid Fire - Why I Do: Posterior MIS TLIF

P. Park, MD

Rapid Fire - Why I Do: ALIF or OLIF only

N. Anand, MD

Rapid Fire - Why I Do: Anterior-posterior

S. Hu, MD

Rapid Fire - Why I Do: MIS PLIF with cortical screws

H. Bae, MD

Complication management and avoidance - anterior and posterior. Intraoperative: the unthinkable

J. Harrop, MD

The science of cellular graft material. Does the data support the cost?

F. Phillips, MD

Techniques for minimally invasive Gill laminectomy

L. Khoo, MD

Virtual reality and spinal surgery…the future of resident training

J. Godzik, MD

Free Papers

Single-level MIS TLIF vs. ALIF at L5/S1: A comparison of patient-reported outcomes and recovery ratios

Kevin Jacob, Madhav Patel, Frank Chavez, Alexander Parsons, Max Ribot, Michael Prabhu, Hanna Pawlowski, Nisheka Vanjani, Kern Singh

Titanium and PEEK cages have similar outcomes in single-level MIS-TLIF: A matched cohort analysis with long-term follow-up

Daniel Coban, Stuart Changoor, Stephen Saela, Kumar Sinha, Ki Hwang, Michael Faloon, Arash Emami

Differences in predictors of readmission and extended length of stay between open, minimally invasive, and robotic single-level lumbar fusion surgery

Calista Dominy, Justin Tang, Nicholas Pitaro, Christopher White, Jeremy Steinberger, Jun Kim, Samuel Cho

Minimally invasive spine surgery program implementation in university-affiliated acute care peripheral rural community hospital: Early clinical experience with initial consecutive cases after launch

Vivek Sharma, Anthony Oyekan

Return to work, activities of daily living and disability improvement: 12-month outcomes of an FDA IDE trial of decompression and tension band stabilization for degenerative spondylolisthesis

Hyun Bae, Linda Kanim, Rick Sasso, Serena Hu, S. Tim Yoon, Alan T. Villavicencio, William Lavalle, Kee Kim, Calvin Kuo, Michael Stauff, Harvinder Sandhu, Mick Perez-Cruet, Sigurd Berven, William Welch, Harel Deutsch, Hamid Hassanzadeh, Reginald J. Davis, Elizabeth Yu, Wilson Z. Ray, Jens Chapman, Richard D. Guyer, Jeffrey L. Gum, Todd F. Alamin, Louis C. Fielding, Michael Y. Wang

Lumbar facet arthroplasty for lumbar spondylolisthesis – 2-year outcomes

Steven DeLuca, William Welch, Eric Potts, John Chi

Can disc distraction using a percutaneous approach reduce spondylolisthesis?

Micah Smith

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of full-endoscopic transforaminal discectomy vs. open discectomy for sciatica

Pravesh Gadjradj, Biswadjiet Harhangi

The influence of preoperative narcotic consumption on patient-reported outcomes of lumbar decompression

Madhav Patel, Kevin Jacob, Conor Lynch, Elliot Cha, Michael Prabhu, Hanna Pawlowski, Nisheka Vanjani, Kern Singh

Long-term prospective outcomes of a novel spacer in single-level instrumented lumbar interbody fusions

Pierce Nunley, John Chi, Martin Krag, Mohamad Bydon, Stephane Lavoie, Yi Lu, Marcus Stone

Evaluation of the ability of a novel curved drill to create an arcuate tunnel without breaching the spinal canal

Robert Eastlack, Taylor Semingson, Hani Malone

Patients’ preferences for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation: a discrete choice experiment

Pravesh Gadjradj, Nicholas Smeele, Esther Bekker-Grob, Biswadjiet Harhangi

The impact of computer-assisted navigation on charges and readmission in lumbar spinal fusion

Calista Dominy, Justin Tang, Varun Arvind, Brian Cho, Christopher White, Sara Pasik, Samuel Cho, Jun Kim

Objective evaluation of dynamic balance among lumbar disc herniation patients before and after discectomy: Comparison of cone of economy balance measures to the clinical Y-balance test

Damon Mar, Abigail Reichow, Kyle Robinson, Alexander Satin, Blake Staub, Peter Derman

Analysis of peri-operative events reported from a 200-subject multicenter, prospective lateral interbody fusion study

Pierce Nunley, Brandon Strenge, John Malloy, Jason Huffman, Sandeep Kunwar, Marcus Stone

Does the global alignment and proportion (GAP) score predict mechanical complications in circumferential minimally invasive surgery for adult spinal deformity?

David Gendelberg, Andrew Chung, Anita Anand, Arya Rao, Shriya Sharma, Christoper Kong, Babak Khandehroo, Sheila Kahwaty, Neel Anand

Does minimally invasive adult deformity surgery result in improved perioperative recovery and function?

Peter Passias, Kevin Moattari, Nicholas Kummer, Oscar Krol, Bailey Imbo, Rachel Joujon-Roche, Tyler Willison, Peter Tretiakov

Feasibility and outcomes of mini open correction and fusion for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS): 2-5 year follow-up

Matthew Geck, Devender Singh, Ashley Duncan, Eeric Truumees, John Stokes

Comparison of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) correction - open vs. minimally invasive cohorts: A 2-year radiographic and surgical outcome study

Matthew Geck, Devender Singh, Eeric Truumees, John Stokes, Ashley Duncan

The relative contribution of anterior techniques vs. posterior techniques in restoring spinal balance in circumferential minimally invasive surgical correction of adult spinal deformity without osteotomies

Andrew Chung, David Gendelberg, Christoper Kong, Anita Anand, Arya Rao, Shriya Sharma, Babak Khandehroo, Sheila Kahwaty, Neel Anand

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